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Who We Are

Everlasting Life Ministries Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit Christian organization funded fully by generous donors and is dedicated to feeding, clothing, and providing assistance to the people of the Greater Lehigh Valley Area and beyond.  Everlasting Life Ministries was birthed in 1986 when Pastor Gus Al-Khal saw the needs of the people of Allentown.  This sparked a journey that spanned 30+ years of ministry with thousands of volunteers, thousands of people fed, clothed, and healed physically, and most importantly the Word of God being spread throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley Area.  Today, Everlasting Life Ministries continues to be a pillar in the community and spread the words and works of Christ beyond the limits of our city and boarders and throughout the world.  Everlasting Life Ministries has had the opportunities to minister to people of all different languages and cultures and supports ministry in the Middle East as well as here in the States.  With the generous support of our donors and volunteers, Everlasting Life Ministries will continue to flourish and expand, helping to spread the Gospel throughout the state, country, and the world.

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